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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boost Your Online Sales

Is your online marketing everything you dreamed it would be? Does your website bring in money, or is it costing you money every day you're online? Take a look at these 5 marketing tips, and put them to work on your website.

Internet Marketing Tip 1
Provide enough information to turn visitors into customers. Websites typically have two problems: too much information or not enough. If you have too many choices, your visitor will get confused and leave without accomplishing your original goal. If you don't have enough information, they will become bored and leave to find a better site.

Internet Marketing Tip 2
Make the choices on your website easy to digest. What is your ultimate goal for your site? Make that the visible choice on your site, and have every page lead up to this choice.

Internet Marketing Tip 3
Demonstrate your product/service low cost by breaking down the price to a low incrememnt. For example, "For less than 75 cents a day".

Internet Marketing Tip 4
Use testimonies throughout your website. It helps relating your clients desires and concerns directly to each page of your site. Testimonies continue to be a great sales resource.

Internet Marketing Tip 5
Use headlines to draw in attention. People look for short ideas they can relate to. Provide them with ideas and draw them in to read further.

Each of these tips will provide you with ways to increase the power of your website, and make your website more profitable in just a few short weeks.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Internet Marketing Coaching

Have you ever hired a coach? I've used many over the years.

Coaching is usually performed to help you with one aspect of your life. A personal coach to create balance in your life. A business coach to help you grow your business. A career coach to help you decide your next career move.

Which is why I believe in coaching. A coach helps you define your goals, and helps you achieve success. The greatest people in the world use coaches every day. Which is why you should as well.

Internet marketing coaching helps you learn about the Internet, and how to market your business online. Internet marketing is still relatively new. To learn everything that will help your business, sometimes it takes more than a few hours working online. It takes a coach to help you decipher the Internet, and learn quickly which roads are the best for you.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Having A Purpose

What is the purpose of your business? Why did you create your website? What are you attempting to tell the world?

You hear questions like this from a lot of the guru's of self-help. Yet most people never stop to ponder these questions.

"Yes, they sound like great questions. But I already know my purpose. Leave the pondering to someone whom hasn't figured it out yet."

Yet I'm contiually amazed at how unclear I find thoughts and presentations on a daily basis.

You have to know what you're trying to tell people. And you have to say it in a manner they understand. Just because you know you have a great idea doesn't mean your customer will instantly understand why they should buy from you.

Understanding your customer - your friends - your family members - then speaking their language allows you to connect, and ultimate attract the sales.


Try out The Marketing Of Me - and learn how to improve the way you think - and talk - about what your passion is.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How To Use The Da Vinci Code In Your Marketing

So what's all the buzz about the Da Vinci Code?

If you've seen the trailers for the movie, you know its about to be released to the theaters. It's a high profile movie, sparked with a little bit of controversy over the book and the author.

And marketers are loving it. Have you been to Da Vinci Quest on Google? They are currently running a contest where you have to solve challengin puzzles over a 24 day period - with winners winning prizes like trips and electronics.

And even online authors, writers, bloggers and business owners are creating their own forms of Da Vinci Code quests.


It's all about 'What's Happening?" Using current events will make your ideas top news. And get you more attention.


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