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Monday, November 14, 2005

Follow up and Contacts

Follow up and Contacts

Build your relationships up with follow up and contacts.
Your database should contain the names of all of your clients and potential clients. Have a way to distinguish between your client list and your potential client list. Then create a system in which you contact each of these lists over and over again. Combine the two lists for some promotions, and separate the lists for others.

Sample Marketing Plan:

Entire list receives newsletter in January, April, July, October
Entire list receives special promotions postcard once a month
Client list receives "thank you for being our client" bonus mailing in March and August
Potential client list receives "new client promotion" mailing in May and September
The main goal here is to keep your entire contact list in the loop for receiving regular mailings for you. This will establish a pattern that you want to stay in the lives of the people you do business with.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

What's In A Title?

What's In A Title?

What's the difference between these two titles?
"Financial Planning"
"50 Million People Will Never Be Able To Afford Retirement. Are You One Of Them?"
One of them motivates you to read more. One of them provides the curiosity needed to want to invest more time. Human nature is to always make the best decision possible, and act on things that will put you in the best place possible. The purpose of marketing is to draw in that human nature, and walk through a benefits/solution model, and provide the best solution possible - your product or service!

And it all begins with the title to your advertisement or brochure. What about it is going to make me want to read more? The title "Financial Planning" does nothing for me. I know dozens of people that are in the business of financial planning. But the title "50 Million People Will Never Be Able To Afford Retirement. Are You One Of Them?" motivates me to want to read more. Am I one of them? And if so, how can I change that?

The first step begins with an awesome title. Provide a meaningful question or statement within your titles, and draw people in to what message you have to tell them.