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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What works for holding a teleclass?

I'm starting a series of teleclasses, and went in search of a system to allow up to 100 people onto a line. I may eventually want to invest in a secure line full time for my business, but I wanted something quick and easy; something I could use almost instantly.

I found a great service in www.totallyfreeconferencecalls.com I signed up for my free account, which allows you to have access 24 hours a day to a conference line, exclusively for your business. Then I also upgraded for $25 per month, which allows me to record my calls and have the ability to download the file for further use.

I've used the system twice this week, both times with success. The quality of the line was outstanding, the ease of the system was much appreciated, and my call recordings were waiting for me by the time I logged in at my computer. Within 30 minutes of the end of the call, I had my recording up and on my site, and available for listening.

The only downside: a voice advertises TotallyFreeConferenceCalls.com at the beginning when each person dials into the given number.

I can live with that!


p.s. If you are a photographer, I'm adding a whole new series of teleclasses and podcasts just for photographers. Visit www.VirtualPhotographyStudio.com to see a listing of my recorded teleclasses and podcasts, and to view my current schedule.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Are they taking marketing too far?

I love marketing. In fact, I'm addicted to learning all I can on marketing, and how to help improve businesses. But when is it too much?

I was reading the July/August 2006 edition of FastCompany, and shook my head when I came to an article titled, "Can Your Banner Ad Do This?"

It seems companies and ad agencies are so hungry to market to customers, they are trying everything (and I do mean everything).

A new campaign for Chase Commercial Banking has created ads that it attaches to electrical outlets in 90 locations throughout the Indianapolis International Airport. If they're trying it in Indianapolis, it's soon to be everywhere.

Or what about Parking Stripe Advertising - you know, the vinyl strips that mark off spaces in your local parking lot? Imagine getting out of your car, and having them tell you about the daily specials inside the store.

But the one that really made me shake my head: the Wizmark. Guys, you may get a new experience next time you head into the restroom. Seems Wizmark has discovered a new way to deliver sounds and images - while you're visiting a urinal.

Where will it end?


p.s. Anyone have any "experience" with the Wizmark? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How to use a blog

Do you blog?

Blogging is a great tool to use for your business - IF you post on it regularly. Because a blog shows the date of every entry, you can soon lose interest of your visitors if they see you don't stay current.

I found an interesting article that shares some great information on setting up a blog, getting comments on it, and commenting on others.

If you post on things that aren't effected by time, write a few entries at a time, and post them every few days. That way you aren't having to come up with new material every day, just a couple times a month.