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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Steps To Viral Marketing

It seems everyone is striving for a way to go viral.

Viral marketing refers to the strategy of putting your marketing out to your prospects and customers, and letting them send the message on to other prospects. The more fun and outrageous it is, the better chance you have of going viral. That's why YouTube is so popular - if you see something you like, its easy to send on to others.

Some viral strategies work better than others. Though you can build with a viral idea in mind, its hard to predict what will catch on with people. Some things die a quick death, while others go on to sell millions.

There are elements to use when you build a viral strategy.

1. Give away products of services. It must have value in the eye of the beholder.
2. Is easy to transfer from one person to the next.
3. Utilizes existing communication channels. Again, people have to easily be able to share it with friends.
4. Motivate people, and touch them in their heart. It has to affect their behavior, and feel emotion towards its message.
5. Let others quickly share the information. Articles can quickly move around to different businesses, sites, and resources. Videos can quickly be linked by email or though websites and blogs.

Viral is a fast moving form of marketing. Once its out there, nothing can stand in its way.

To produce a viral marketing campaign on your own, you have to be thinking in terms of quick media. If you aren't online marketing, and using quick forms of marketing, you're losing out on the possiblities.

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